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this past week:

Tuesday (the working week actually started on Tuesday this week since Monday was Bank Holiday): jacket + t-shirt Etoile Isabel Marant + Nudie jeans + Comptoir des Cotonniers suede sandals

Wednesday: blouse Whistles (I love the cut of this blouse, but unfortunately it’s not of very high quality. I’ve been practicing my sewing skills quite a lot because of this blouse) + jeans Oasis + shoes Office

Thursday: jacket Mango + lace top Whistles + jeans Level 99 (bought at Anthropologie) + Isabel Marant boots

Friday: plaid shirt Isabel Marant Etoile + jeans Oasis (still not convinced about Sonia+white jeans combo. I think they can look great on other people, but on me…bahh. Potential ebay material)  + Ash Jalouse boots (anyone looking for an alternative to IM Dicker boots? Go for these boots. That’s my advice)

Friday (evening): dress APC + leggings Uniqlo (unfortunately, I can’t stand wearing pantyhose. As a result, as soon as temperature drops I need to resort to cotton leggings/tights) + Isabel Marant boots

Saturday (today!): plaid shirt Zara (new, now in stores) + jeans Topshop + ballerinas Repetto (200 years old and you actually can see it. shame on me)

This post was unashamedly inspired by Lin‘s “recently I wore” post from a couple of weeks ago (read it here). I was so impressed by her clean well-defined style that I wanted to put myself through a similar experiment and document all my daily outfits for a week. I knew before I started taking these pictures that I’m far from having such a clear style identity. I almost schizophrenically alternate between rock star print jeans (see here) and candid APC sailor dresses (see here).
But, well, this is me at the moment. I guess it may also say something about my personality? :)

The interesting thing about this ‘experiment’ (I like this word, it makes it all sound very scientific) and the whole blogging experience is that I’ve found out /confirmed a few things about my sartorial / stylistic preferences:

  1. I apparently love prints. I didn’t know this, but look at the pictures above (and at previous outfit posts) and you will see: 9 out of 10 times I’m wearing prints.
  2. I love black and white and apparently also very bold colours. If you had asked me a couple of months ago about my preferences I’d have told I was all about neutral, discreet hues because that’s how I liked to imagine myself. In reality, things are a bit different. Red, deep pink, cobalt blue, emerald-green. I actually love wearing clothes in these colours.
  3. I used to have an aversion to anything golden: clothes, details in shoes or bags, accessories (including even those made of real gold), but that is slowly changing. See last picture? I’m wearing a shirt with golden spikes. Plus, I also own (and wear) golden bracelets and necklaces. I think this reversal process started with my wedding ring, actually :)
  4. I’m extremely inventive with my hair :) OK, I already knew this: I’m not able to style my hair. I can only do 3 things: down, ponytail, top knot (and usually badly done). I’ve always envied anyone who can beautifully style their own hair.
  5. I do not trade comfort for style. Ever.